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Hypnosis Fetish

Experience a new sexual awakening, succumb to hypnosis... with Sophie Howard

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Hypnotists never impressed me much. So what if you can make a woman think she's Britney Spears and eat an onion? Keeping the windows closed when you clean the oven can do that. But I've recently had a new respect for them, ever since I learned the average hypnotist is a secret sex superhero that could rock a woman's world in a way only a fortnight on a desert island with Brad Pitt normally could.

Perhaps the best-known exponent of hypno-fetishism is Aaron Glotfelter, aka The Hypnotist Pornographer, who runs several websites dedicated to the art, such as We featured him in Bizarre 117, when he told us about his quest to give 1,000 women hypnotic orgasms.

This brand of wrong sex has a huge internet following. Mpegs and DVDs of women under hypnosis are traded by people keen to see females robbed of their senses and reduced to malleable strumpets. But it's not just the already-hypnotised state that appeals – the different steps have different fans. Some people just like to see people going under (a lot like watching people fall asleep), while others prefer to see the sexual shenanigans the person undertakes while under. Then there are, of course, those who would love to be hypnotised themselves.

That's where hypno-doms come in. There are lots online, typically offering hypnosub mp3s that condition listeners to obey their hypno-mistress's demands. Just make sure you get someone you really trust…

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