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Giants Fetish

Macrophiles bow down and worship at the feet of 50-foot Sophie Howard!

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The old maxim that size matters has long been disputed – mostly by men with small penises – but if you're a macrophile then it's indisputably important, as macrophiles are people who lust after people bigger than them. If Gulliver's Travels gave you that special tingle in that special place, you'll already know what we're talking about.

Macrophilia, like most fetishes and paraphilias, isn't an exact science, and is a sliding scale of desire – the term covers lots of different scenarios. For example, some macrophiles would be happy cuddling up to Stephen Merchant, while others fantasise about freaky, tall-like-an-oak-tree partners. And there are also different scenarios involving how the size ratio comes about. There are those who want to shrink themselves so they have a comparatively large partner; others want to remain normal but be with women who are many times their size.

As with many fetishes, macrophilia crosses into other paraphilias. For example, not content with liking big people as a whole, some macrophiles fixate on certain parts of the giant, such as big feet; or they get off on the idea of grinding up against a really, really big nose. (In this instance the person has to be large in every sense – just liking big noses is a different fetish.)

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