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A is for Aliens

Sexy Sophie models 26 freaky fantasies for your enjoyment

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Technically speaking, if you have an alien fetish, or 'an abnormal attraction for beings from worlds beyond Earth', then you are an exophile. And back in April 2005 we told you all about exophiles and their fantasies; people like 31-year-old Liz, who wanted nothing more than to be impregnated with alien spawn:

"My fetish is for alien or tentacle-creature rape, forced impregnation, and alien birth or egg-laying… My first fetish-related memory is of becoming aroused as a little girl when watching a television programme about male sea horses becoming pregnant. The swollen belly, the odd idea of an unnatural pregnancy… it was very erotic to me, even at a young age."

And she wasn't alone. Some men have vivid alien fantasies, too. James, a 39-year-old computer programmer from California, told us: "My dream lover is a giant green-and-yellow spidery creature. Her legs span about 12ft when they're stretched out as wide as they go."

If you're just extraterrestrial-curious, and want to see if inter species sex gives you a fuzzy feeling down below, you might want to check out where you can select which of the four animated, slimy, amorphous monsters fucks the animated, miniskirted brunette, and how fast they do it.

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